International Exchange Center

International Exchange Center

 The International Exchange Center plays a major role in offering overseas students the opportunity to study for a semester at Ube Frontier University or Ube Frontier College and obtain credits for their graduation at their institutions. It also offers support services for Japanese students who wish to study at our affiliated foreign institutions.

 The Center was established in 2003 with the objectives above-mentioned and to provide various services for non-exchange students from China, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Nepal and so on studying at Ube Frontier University and Ube Frontier College. So if you have any questions about the exchange program, you may contact the Center directly, sending e-mail to the address cited below.

Contact Address:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact:

Prof. Shunsuke UCHIUMI
International Exchange Center
Ube Frontier University
2-1-1 Bunkyoudai, Ube City
755-0805 JAPAN
Tel: +81(836)38-0534
Fax: +81(836)38-0600

Exchange Program

  We have so far signed academic exchange agreements with the University of Newcastle, Australia, South Seattle Community College, the USA, Dalian University, China and Chang Shin College, South Korea. Our first exchange program was with the University of Newcastle. As of this date of 2007 we have so far accepted 21 students from Newcastle and sent 26 students from Ube since 1991. The program started based on the exchange agreement signed in the previous year between Ube Frontier College (former Ube College) and the University of Newcastle. Having added Ube Frontier University as a new member to the program in 2003, we now strive to improve our service both in quality and quantity for exchange students.

 Therefore, we do hope that exchange students from our affiliated institutions make good use of their stay in Ube not only as a chance to improve their ability of the Japanese language but also as an opportunity to understand Japanese lifestyles and ways of thinking. Any student with this kind of attitude will be always welcomed to the City of Ube as well as to our institutions.

 Ube is a modern city on Japan’s Inland Sea. Contrary to many images of Japan, buses, trains and public places in this area are seldom crowded. The most important differences between Ube and foreign countries involve language. While older people’s language is sprinkled with dialect, the language of the young is close to the way young people in Tokyo speak. While Ube is modern, traditional Japan is all around. For example, in the City of Hagi, less than an hour’s drive away, old Japan has been preserved.

 Here in this region of Japan, overseas students will be greatly favored in the program. They will not only experience various aspects of Japanese cultures but also will be endowed with financial aid and support, which will be explained next.

Merits of the Program

 There are many financial merits in the exchange program for students from our affiliated institutions: the University of Newcastle, South Seattle Community College and Chang Shin College.

 First of all, they will be wholly or partly granted waiver of tuition fees at Ube Frontier University or Ube Frontier College in accordance with each exchange agreement, because students participating in the program pay their tuition directly to their home institution. However, textbooks and other learning materials will be the financial responsibility of exchange students.

 Secondly, accommodation fee is as reasonable as 15,000 yen a month when College House, which is later introduced in the section of Accommodation, is chosen for the place of stay.

 And finally, the following is very important and much attention is needed:
A “Short term Student Exchange Promotion Scholarship” can be offered by Nihongakuseishienkikou or the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). If the Scholarship is granted, students in the program will given economy class air tickets between the (international) airports nearest to your city and Ube plus a settling-in allowance of 25,000 yen upon arrival at Ube. As far as our institutions are concerned, the Scholarship is on the premise that the use of the UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme is possible, which will be explained later in UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS). The “Short term Student Exchange Promotion Scholarship” has been available for Newcastle, Chang Shin and Seattle students so far.